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Venja Hywell Caldwell

"Caed Mile Failte" I am Venja Hywell Caldwell, A Self Made, Independant, Single Father, from Santa Cruz, California, United States. Irish American, Cultural Anthropologist, Clothing Creator, Artist, Professional Mover, Author, Musician, Free Surfer, Street Skateboarder, Freeride Snowboarder. My 5th Great GrandFather was James Caldwell The Immigrant Entrepreneur of Albany, New York. Our Clann comes from Castle Caldwell & Caldwell Forest in Donegal, Ireland. Aside from Creating Caldwell Clothing Co., I also Created/Own Caldwell's Movers LLC, Caldwell Coffee Co. and Triskel Boards. Be sure to keep an eye out for my Kids Books too. To those who like what I make, I really appreciate you and thank you very much.

I Love Ethnicities and Cultures from all over the World. My son is who inspired me to create Clothing and Skateboards. Every design, pattern and logo I make is done by Myself, from my own intellect and is my own intellectual property, protected by Trademark / Copyright. All Rights Reserved. So stay with me, as these brands continue to flow and grow.

" Trends and Niche's are reflections of Cultures and Subcultures" ~ Venja Hywell Caldwell